Portland, Oregon Travel Guide

Portland is located in the Northwestern part of the US, where the Columbia and Willamette Rivers meet. It is a short drive away from the Cascade Range, fertile valleys, sprawling forests, and the Pacific Ocean. Portland’s many urban parts combined with its mountainous backdrop make this city a nature lover’s paradise. It was a major Pacific Northwest port because of its riverside location until the turn of the century. Portland is the most populous city in Oregon with about 600,000 inhabitants. Here are the top must see attractions in Portland, Oregon.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

The amphitheater on this square is the heart of the city. After sightseeing, shopping, and browsing galleries, this is the place to end your vacation to Portland. Make sure you bring an umbrella along as showers are quite common here, although you can enjoy plenty of sunshine in the summer.

Willamette Valley

Portland is often jokingly referred to as ‘Beervana’ by some Americans because there are many microbreweries here. Head to Willamette Valley if you want to enjoy a good wine. You can also join a tour of the vineyard to sample one of the local Pinot Noir grown in the volcanic soil.

Portland Art Museum

Located in the cultural district of Portland is the oldest museum in Northwestern United States. It has a vast collection of art that reflects history from the ancient times to today.

Tom McCall Waterside Park

Head to this park for cycling, meditating, or rowing. It is along the Willamette River and it is a great spot for people watching.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

There are several bridges leading to the bank where this museum is located. There are hundreds of interactive displays on offer in the huge theaters and halls. Use the opportunity to go on board a submarine or learn about faraway planets. The Grotto is on the same side of the river where you can replenish your soul or just pray.

Washington Park

Portland is ideal for growing roses because of its cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. There are many award-winning varieties of roses you can admire in the International Rose Test Garden in this park. There is a Japanese Garden nearby that is believed to be one of the most authentic gardens outside Japan. It has an original tea house and 5 distinct garden styles.

West Hills

You can enjoy some spectacular views of Portland’s skyline here in the West Hills. Multnomah Falls is just a short drive east, from astonishing heights, icy water tumbled down. For a close-up view of the waterfall, you can climb to the Benson Bridge. This waterfall flows all year round. Come face to face with nature’s awesome power by driving north. There is an active volcano on Mount Saint Helens that lost its peak in 1980 when it erupted. There are different viewing points around here where you can still see its impact.

Cannon Beach

Head to Cannon Beach to see Oregon’s renowned coastline. Its boutique shops, cafes, and cliffs will appeal to anybody. All along the Pacific, you won’t be short of stunning sights that will keep you reaching for the camera

Portland sits in the middle of all this natural beauty. It is more just a place you can stop to smell the roses; it is a place you can experience the splendor and laid back atmosphere of the Great Northwest.

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Phoenix, Arizona Travel Guide

Phoenix is Arizona’s capital and lies south of the Grand Canyon in the northeastern desert. With a population of over 4 million, this is Arizona’s largest city and one of America’s most populated cities. It is always warm here, and it is often referred to as the valley of the sun. Here are some must-see attractions in Phoenix, Arizona.

Central Arts District

The tea and coffee houses in between the boutique stores and the galleries are a great place for breakfast.

Wrigley Mansion

This is a carefully preserved mansion looking out over the city. It is a great place for fine dining in an antique or modern setting.

Arizona Science Center

Cycle high in the air or get gobbled up by a monster stomach in this interactive museum. You can test your brain in the wonder center and your kids will love the splashing about.

Phoenix Art Museum

Visit the Phoenix Art Museum for exhibits off the wall. This museum is filled with conventional sculptures and paintings.

Heard Museum if Native Cultures and Art

This is the place to see ancient jars and bowls as well as Navajo jewelry. You can try creating jewelry and pottery yourself and pottery yourself at the Mesa Arts Center. There are all the tools you need here.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Scottsdale is between Phoenix and Mesa. When it comes to art, the sky is the limit here. You can also explore the stores in the Scottsdale Quarter after browsing the work of local creatives.

Musical Instrument Museum

If you want to treat yourself to some musical journey through time, visit the Musical Instrument Museum. It is stacked from the floor to the ceiling with unusual South American instruments, guitars from the Middle East, and African drums. This museum is also a tribute to some of the finest artists to come out of America.

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

Situated near the Salt River, this place will give you an insight into the Hohokam people’s lives. By digging irrigation canals to the river, they helped shape this city about 1,500 years ago.

Papago Park

Papago Park is home to some of the best family’s attractions in Phoenix. You should remember to check out the edible art and huge cacti in the Desert Botanical Garden, the prairie animals in Phoenix, and the old fire trucks in the Hall of Flame.

Dobbins Point

This is natural window where you can get spectacular views of the city. Here, it is like you are looking into the past in one direction and into the future in the other.

Grand Canyon

The folds and drop offs at the Grand Canyon are the most awe-inspiring of all the rock formations in Arizona. Sedona is closer to Phoenix if you don’t have the time to drive to see the Grand Canyon.

Phoenix is an attractive oasis in the desert with its deep appreciation of nature and art, rich Native American history, and southwestern charm.

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